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Florals? For spring? How ground-breaking. We know, we know, there are other ways to interpret the long-awaiting comeback of spring than with flowers. But since our latest collaboration with the independent fashion boutique Colibri on Upper Street comes just in time for the warm-weather season, we can’t hide our excitement.

Because of the world’s current obsession with house plants (mostly fuelled by millennials living in metropolitan cities and wanting to feel closer to nature), we decided that designing something cool and unique for the only living organisms we are capable of and have time for caring is the best way to welcome sunny days.

The ethos of our brand is rooted in an eco-friendly approach of creating everyday items that last, with an emphasis on natural and organic cotton yarns that can be traced all the way to our suppliers.

That’s why we’ve developed a special collection of woven plants pots for any interior in all shapes and sizes. If you’re low on floor space, choose one of our hanging buddies, or bring a colour-popping effect to a dark corner with our range of funky patterns. No matter which one steals your heart, it’s set to dress your plant up in style while adding a quirky touch to your home. And if you’re so obsessed with plants like everyone else, well you can mix and match to bring an urban jungle indoors and create an art-filled environment in just a few seconds. How millennial!

Just don’t forget to snap a picture for your Instagram too.